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Cosmoprof India Awards


Cosmoprof India exhibitors can submit their best products by choosing the following categories.

The finalists will be shortlisted by Beautystreams, the winners will be selected by a jury of international beauty experts. 

Innovative Technology

Raw materials, machinery, and solutions

Make Up, Skin Care, Hair Formula

Face, eyes and lip products formulations; Skin care, body care, sun care, personal care, and toiletries formulations; Hair care, scalp care, hair color, and hair styling formulations

Packaging: Design & Materials

Packaging for make up, nails, skin care, hair, toiletries, personal care, and fragrances

Hair & Nail Products

Hair care, scalp care, hair color, hair styling, nail care, nail color and nail art

Skin Care, Personal Care, Body Care Products, Fragrance

Facial care, body care, sun care, personal care and toiletries; Fragrance: personal and home only

Products submitted can be new creations or selections from exhibitors' existing collections.
Entries in the Cosmoprof India Awards will be awarded based on:

Promotion and Cultivating Relationships
Marketing impact
Social Media impact
Innovative and Outstanding Omnichannel Presence


Additional criteria for the following categories:


Innovative Technology

Raw Materials • Machinery & Solutions – Innovation in raw materials • New technologies and cutting-edge Machinery.

Packaging: Design & Materials

Innovative Surface Design • Enhanced Functionality • Smart Design • Innovative Materials and Solutions that help to improve all criteria.


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