SWATI Cosmetics

SWATI Cosmetics lenses

Game changer product: Natural looking cosmetic lenses

Stand: C25


Game changer product: Natural looking cosmetic lenses


SWATI is a Swedish beauty brand, developing innovative cosmetic lenses that allow people to express their own kind of beauty. From matching your outfit to completing the look, SWATI cosmetic lenses are a small accessory with big impact.


SWATI lenses work with your existing eye colour to create a natural-looking shade unique to you. Supernatural looking pattern and celebrity already are wearing this product on a daily basis.

Technical details

SWATI cosmetic lenses are manufactured to international safety standards (ISO 13485) and CE marked & FDA Approved. In short, they’re as safe as any conventional contact lens you buy at the pharmacy/Optician.

Launch Date


Why the product is innovative?

Never before has such a natural looking pattern, with a cosmetic focus, launched on the market. Most of the lenses are either for Halloween(looking unnatural) or unsafe (not approved). At the same time, people want to use this product in a safe and natural way for their daily look. Here is where SWATI cosmetics fills the gap! In less than 12 weeks after launch, we are in 5 countries and with the biggest cosmetic retailers in the respective countries.