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Facial kit for Tan pigmented skin, removes Dark spot & pigmentation, brings out even skin tone.

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Facial kit for Tan pigmented skin, removes Dark spot & pigmentation, brings out even skin tone.


- A series of 7 step treatment kit which has to be taken once in 15 days along with use of home care product gives proven whitening result in just 45 days. - The 7 steps consist of cleanser, preparing serum, enzymatic peel mask, massage cream, face mask, Illuminating serum & finally sunscreen which works synergistically to whiten the skin & removes dark spot. - Home care product consists of whitening face wash, hydrate & repair cream to maintain the regime


- Visibly brightened and evened out the skin tone. - Reduced intensity and size of discolorations and spots. - Reduces the formation of new hyperpigmentation. - Soothed irritation and redness, strengthen blood flow. - Rejuvenated and smoothed the skin. - Leaves the skin “luminous” and radiant. - Declared effects include a series of treatments with daily care and UV protection.

Technical details

- Each product in the kit contains atleast either of the AHA OR WHITENING OR MOISTURIZING active to give the best Result. - Contains AHA – Glycolic acid, papain enzyme for continues exfoliation thus removing dead skin cells, Lactic acid for moisturization, and Citric acid for anti-free radical benefits - for improving skin condition. - Contains moisturizing active - Sodium hyaluronate, Sugar, Aloe-vela extract for effective deep skin moisturization. - Contains Whitening agent – Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide, Vitamin C with proven whitening efficacy to lighten skin effectively.

Launch Date


Why the product is innovative?

The AHA White Facial Kit repairs tan, pigmented skin and helps bring an even tone by following a 7 step facial treatment. The kit consists of 3 major innovations: - Mechanism - it is uniquely designed with chemical exfoliation that boosts the moistursation in the skin, increases the rate of exfoliation and induces 3x whitening. - Process - Before exfoliation, the serum is applied on the skin. Additionally, an exfoliating serum is used at the end of the treatment to ensure that exfoliation continues for days. - Another innovation - Steam can be used during exfoliation for better penetrative effect.