Winners of Cosmoprof India Awards

Discover all the winners of the 2023 Cosmoprof India Awards.

Winner of Innovative Technology
MITI Systems Inc

IntoDerma Hyaluron Micro Crystal Essence

Booth#: X31 Section: Cosmetics&Personal care

A skin care formula that captures the effect of microneedles in an oil essence that contains soluble hyaluronic acid microcrystals. In this two-step treatment, the essence is first applied to the face, and the skin semulated by soily rubbing where it’s applied. Then, the accompanying serum is applied in a circular moeon, with this aceon dissolving the micro crystals. Finally, the user taps their face to improve the absorpeon of the aceve ingredients. It's claimed that the soluble micro crystals have a micro-needle-like effect on the skin, helping aceve ingredients to pass through the skin’s proteceve film for a more amplified result. Among the accompanying serum’s ingredients are shea buner, jojoba seed extract, sunflower seed extract, macadamia seed extract, kelp, royal jelly, and evening primrose.

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Winner of Skin Care, Personal Care, Body Care Products, Fragrance
SKIN1004 (Craver Corporation)

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Silky-Fit Sun Stick 20G

Booth#: R15 Section: Cosmetics&Personal care

A sun care stick that hydrates the skin as it blocks UV rays with SPF 50+ PA++++ protection. The moisture-based stick creates a silky feeling on the skin, leaves no white cast, and can be layered without leaving any residue on the skin. The stick is formulated with hyaluronic acid and cica – a blend that the brand calls “hyalu-cica” – alongside botanical tannins. The tannins provide an astringent effect, helping to minimize pores and sebum. In clinical trials, the stick was found to reduce sebum levels by 38.6%, and to be sweat-proof.

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Winner of Packaging: Design & Materials

EcoFusion Top with Metamorphosis

Booth#: F32 Section: Cosmopack

Albéa’s EcoFusion top innovaeon means that the company can now create a tube using two components instead of three. This translates to a reduceon in packaging weight of more than 80%, compared to a standard head and cap tube construceon. When combined with Metamorphosis, Albéa’s bio-based, paper-based laminate web material used in place of plasec, the tube offers 50% paper content and a 45% reduceon in carbon footprint, compared to standard tubes. Albéa notes that the innovaeon chimes with its commitment to lowering packaging weights and finding alternaeves to plasec.

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Winner of Hair & Nail Products
Olaplex distributed by Streamline Beauty India Pvt. Ltd

Olaplex 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask

Booth#: R04 Section: Cosmetics&Personal care

Olaplex, which is distributed via salons in India by Streamline Beauty India Pvt., has created the 4-in-1 Moisture Mask as a professional, in-salon treatment to address the needs of even the driest hair. It’s formulated with a blend of professional-strength ceramides, oils, and 11 amino acids, to provide a deep-conditioning salon treatment. The formulation acts to moisturize, repair, smooth, and add shine to the hair, addressing any brittleness and lack of hydration. It leaves the hair glossy, while it also strengthens the hair fibers, contributing to a fuller, more voluminous look.

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Winner of Make Up, Skin Care, Hair Formula
Regi India Cosmetics PVT. LTD.

Apple Bite

Booth#: L04 Section: Cosmopack

A lip balm formulated with the manufacturer’s EmulStick technology, which creates a solid emulsion by replacing demineralized water with green apple juice. This results in a balm that’s composed of 58% active ingredients, with 51% of the formula green apple juice. This ingredient is said to accelerate cell proliferation, for an energizing effect, while the balm captures the hydrating sensation of a cream or serum. Also among its ingredients is a trio-wax complex, composed of jojoba, mimosa, and sunflower waxes, which provides structure while improving sensoriality and hydration; 5% glycerin to hydrate; and 2% phytosterols to restore the lip contours. The product delivers a cooling sensation, while its scent creates the effect of biting into a juicy green apple. It’s billed as leaving lips fuller, softer, and hydrated, with a touch of color and shine.

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